We believe that everyone has untapped potential, immense possibilities for growth, huge amounts of “headroom”.

We are performance coaches. Our background is in the world of elite sport where we’ve helped the best performers deliver when it has mattered most.

We take a proactive, strengths-based approach to performance enhancement, helping performers to find their method and secure base from which to thrive.

In order to succeed, every organisation needs to get the very best out of its talent.

We help leaders and teams of performers unleash their potential, leaving a legacy of high performance.

By helping them switch their thinking, we work with organisations to take individuals and teams to the next level, to consistently outperform their competitors.

Mindflick® specialise in creating genuine, measurable, behaviour change. Fast. When results really matter and time is short, it pays to think differently.

We are Pete Lindsay, Mark Bawden & Andrew Strauss.

Our combined experience and achievements led us to forge Mindflick®. We use our tried and tested approaches to provide performance coaching, problem solving and team development, benefitting organisations ranging from The Fat Duck to the Financial Sector, from Olympic to Professional Sport.

Leaps in performance often come from small changes.
Often, you’ve just got to find the right domino to push.

We invite you to switch your thinking.

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