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Spotlight is a personality profiling tool, designed with performance in mind.

Based on the science of psychology, along with decades worth of experience in elite sport, we’ve built Spotlight to be practical, memorable and relevant to the modern world.

Clients begin by completing the simple and intuitive online questionnaire – a quick, 15-minute process.

A Spotlight Licensed Practitioner then generates the in-depth Spotlight reports, along with corresponding team maps.

It’s often best to bring together a whole team, or group of individuals to experience a Spotlight workshop – ranging anywhere from 2-hours to 2-days. During the workshop individuals typically explore the models, understand their own and their team’s preferences, and coach one another in how to FLEX and COPE more effectively.

Following a workshop, we recommend that each Spotlight profile is also individually debriefed. This really brings the learning to life for the individual, helping them connect with others more effectively and thrive within their roles.

We’d love to bring Spotlight to your organisation – if you’re interested in finding out more you can download our ebook here.

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