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We’ve spent a number of years crafting an approach to personal development which we have come to call ‘SuperStrengths’.

SuperStrengths is based upon an idea that, at first glance, might sound counter-intuitive:

Our biggest opportunity for growth typically lies in the area of our greatest strength.


In our experience, the modern workplace, and our wider culture, tends to suffer from what we call “strengths-blindness”. With good intentions, we focus in on people’s (ie. our own and others) weaknesses, believing that improving these is the key to success.

We take a different tack. We believe that everything you need is already within you.

You see, our weaknesses are often our strengths over-played. In fact, we’ve come to recognise that anything overdone becomes toxic.

Development and performance is about keeping our strengths in their ‘sweet-spot’ and remembering that context is king.

By giving people enough “wriggle room” around their SuperStrengths, we allow them to bring their talents, their passions and their full engagement to the workplace.

Through our tools and workshops, we help individuals and teams explore how they can achieve this blend of character, capability and context, to find their unique edge.

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